BSR Member Engagement Option

BSR Member Engagement Options As part of your benefits package, BSR Members with dues of US$14,000 or more may select one of the following engagement options at no extra cost. Participation in a Collaborative Initiative: BSR’s Collaborative Initiatives offer businesses the opportunity to go farther on sustainability challenges with peers and partners within and across industries and sectors. Members may choose to participate in one Collaborative Initiative from a select list at no additional cost or may choose to apply a credit toward additional Collaborative Initiative options. For more information on BSR’s Collaborative Initiatives, including objectives and recommended participants, please review this overview. Emerging issue briefing: Based on customized research and analysis, an emerging issue briefing will deliver insights on either general sustainability trends or a specific issue facing your industry in a concise, compelling manner, allowing you to gauge the significance for your business. The lead researcher will facilitate a one-hour conversation with your team via teleconference or in person (depending on location) to present and discuss the analysis. Report review: Take advantage of BSR’s extensive knowledge of trends in sustainability reporting and material issues across sectors and geographies, and our experience in helping our members create compelling reports. Your latest sustainability report (either published or in draft format) will be assessed against a number of criteria, including conciseness, clarity, materiality, stakeholder inclusiveness, and general presentation, to help you determine its overall quality, and we will provide recommendations for improvement. The lead analyst will be available for a one-hour follow-up teleconference to present and discuss the findings. Consulting credit: Many members already engage with BSR on specific advisory services projects. Members can therefore choose to apply a credit toward any project valued at US$30,000 or more. Member Dues Credit Dues between US$10K-19K US$5,000 Dues between US$20K-29K US$7,500 Dues US$30K and above US$10,000 Please consult your BSR Account Relationship Manager or BSR Member Services for guidance on selecting an engagement option. Contact Matthew Charlesworth +1 415 984 3230 or [email protected]